The Early Years

Circa 1985 Henry County, GA

Sometimes in life, good things come to those who possess what the old-timers called gumption. Gumption is one part nerve, one part bravery and one part common sense. Gumption is what keeps a person going when everyone has told them that what they want to do just can’t be done. Gumption had quite a bit to do with this company getting started.

Back in the day, Shelley McMurry got it in her head to renovate her home. She drew up her plans, figured out her costs, chose her color scheme and went to work. The one feature she wanted as the centerpiece of her home was a wide plank floor. In those days, wide plank flooring wasn’t available on the market. Many of the ‘experts’ told Shelley that planks of that type wouldn’t be practical as a floor because, over time, those wide boards would cup and she’d end up tearing up that floor. They suggested that she settle for something a little more practical.

What they didn’t know, but were soon to find out, was that Shelley had gumption. She wanted what she wanted and knew she could make it work, if only she could get her hands on that wide plank. She searched hither and yon, without success. Finally, she found someone willing to sell her some old, unfinished wide planks but only if she’d buy the full truckload, so she did.

When her wide plank flooring was laid, she loved it because no one else had a floor quite as uniquely beautiful as hers. Everyone who saw it, loved it too. So much so that Shelley ended up selling the rest of her wide planks right off her back porch. In that experience, some 30 years ago, the seed that ended up becoming this company was planted. Today, because of our Founder Shelley McMurrry’s gumption, Authentic Pine Floors is a leading manufacturer and purveyor of the finest reclaimed and new harvest wood flooring available anywhere.