Old Dirty Goat

Circa 2008 Locust Grove, GA

We had a dilemma on our hands. We had a batch of reclaimed heart pine beams and decking from a textile mill in Lincolnton, NC that had so much character that it could not be graded like our other reclaimed heart pine. So we began work on a prefinished color that would do this unique wood justice. Finally, after numerous attempts, we found the perfect color. Now, what do you call a floor with this kind of attitude? After a few beers on a Friday afternoon, the “Old Dirty Goat” was born. Just take a look at this floor and you’ll understand the name. When the supply of material from the textile mill began to run low, we added material salvaged from the Old Crow Distillery.   

Wanting to take it a step further, we determined the floor was in need of an actual mascot, so we set out to find the perfect “Old Dirty Goat.” We were fortunate to find a local myotonic (fainting) goat named, Sir Lancelot. If you need a good chuckle, Google fainting goats and be prepared to laugh. And yes, we tried to get him to faint but we couldn’t scare him quite enough. In fact, he scared us more than we could ever scare him. Sir Lancelot is not the most personable goat and didn’t care for his photo being taken. So, we had to suffer through a few bites to get some good shots but it was worth it. We felt this made him an ideal “Old Dirty Goat.”

It was obvious from the start that this wasn’t going to be a regular prefinished floor; this reclaimed heart pine floor is loaded with personality, just like Sir Lancelot. We use both decking and beams for "The Goat" because the decking and beams, like the real goat, each exhibit their own distinct disposition. Our craftsmen hand-select only pieces with unique character and color to become part of an Old Dirty Goat floor. A custom, multi-step coloring process is applied and then, by hand, finished with our oil.

The end result of this careful attention to detail is a reclaimed wood flooring featuring honeyed tones and reddish highlights that reflect and enhance the warmth and loveliness of your home. It is a reclaimed wood flooring engineered to last a lifetime. Be careful, though- the subtle beauty and pleasing patterns of this floor has been known to send those who see it into a swoon- just like our neighbor, Sir Lancelot.

Floors inspired: Old Dirty Goat