Grandpa Mac

Circa 1994

Grandpa Mac is a reclaimed wood flooring line appealing to those who long for the look and feel of yesterday. That was a time when personal connections, especially among family members, were highly valued. In those days, connections were made to provide a means of passing form one generation to the next the values and culture that family held dear. That’s the kind of connection our President, Zack, had with his Grandpa Mac. As a small child, he watched his Granddad and Dad work with wood and tools that produced beautiful things with a lasting quality. As a little boy, his curiosity led him to first mimic the actions he saw portrayed in front of him and then duplicated the results those actions produced. In this way, a bond was created between grandfather and grandson that is still alive today.

It was this love of making beautiful things that led Zack to create our Grandpa Mac line. While paying homage to his grandfather, this line creates a nostalgic link to a storied past when life was simpler and the pace of living was slower. The rustic beauty and simple elegance of this reclaimed wood flooring calls out to those who long to restore the past and by doing so, enhance the present. Its deep-set patina reflects the legacy of quality left behind by the craftsmen who worked the mills and warehouses of America’s past. These authentic pine floors possess an appearance that is charmingly vintage and yet guaranteed to never go out of style. Lay a Grandpa Mac floor and discover a meticulous commitment to craftsmanship that fits snugly into the life you live today. This is the hardwood floor that proves you can turn back time, connecting your present with the beauty and quality of the past. Zack knows his Grandpa Mac wouldn’t have it any other way.

Floors inspired: Grandpa Mac