Committed to strong environmental standards, Tbektu Design and Development determined from the beginning that the "Eleven on 7th" project would not only follow green development protocol -- but also that it would even become a benchmark for Low-Impact Development, from the purchase of the infill property to the 100% recycled paper used for marketing.


"Gunstock," was selected to floor the first home, Halcyon Halls as Teresa preferred our oil-rubbed finish rather than polyurethane, which contributed to a non-toxic work environment for the contractors and a non-toxic home in which to live. Since family is front & center in ELEVEN on 7th, a floor that can handle everyday life was crucial and our oil finish leaves the floor looking and feeling more natural, not shiny like a polyurethane, and makes for very easy touch-up and maintenance. The wide plank pine fits perfectly with Teresa's vision for both Halcyon Hall and the entire ELEVEN on 7th development.  

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All photos courtesy of: Reed Brown Photography / Nashville, TN